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Old Mutual


Creating a better South Africa starts with uplifting our most vulnerable communities. It starts with caring enough about their struggles to do something and it involves us acting together for positive change.

The ‘More than Yourself’ campaign was launched to motivate and help generous and community-minded South Africans to join Old Mutual in raising funds for causes close to all our hearts.

Old Mutual takes its social responsibilities very seriously and is committed to expanding the role it plays in finding solutions to our socio-economic problems. Job creation, education and skills development are at the centre of all Old Mutual Foundation initiatives and are the mandate of most of Old Mutual’s socially responsible investment funds.


The Old Mutual ‘More than Yourself’ platform gives you an opportunity to join with others to do great things.

You can donate directly and safely to a cause, support a participating friend’s chosen cause, or start your own fundraising campaign to support and improve communities across the country.

We’ve linked this campaign to our key sports sponsorships, because uplifting and empowering others is as tough and demanding as reaching your goals in a marathon or cycle race. And it requires the same single-minded focus, determination and self-discipline.


1. Donate directly to an approved cause

Do something for more than yourself by donating to a worthy cause.

2. Support a friend

You can support a runner who is fundraising by recognising their efforts and making a donation to their selected cause.

3. Become a fundraiser

Create your own campaign page by registering on the website and providing a few details. We’ll create a profile page for you and send you tools and links so you can invite friends and family to support your fundraising efforts. It takes less than a minute to set up a campaign.

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