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Home >> News >> Two Oceans Marathon NPC AGM 2018 - Official Process

Two Oceans Marathon NPC AGM 2018 - Official Process

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Two Oceans Marathon NPC: Important Information

The Two Oceans Marathon Non-Profit Company (TOM NPC) Annual General Meeting will take place on Thursday, 18 October 2018 at Southern Sun Newlands.

In preparation of this important event on the TOM NPC’s annual calendar, a series of official processes are in place.


  1. Official notice of the AGM will be distributed on 3 September 2018 (45 days ahead of the AGM)
  2. The closing date for Board Nominations is 27 September 2018 (21 days ahead of the AGM)
  3. The final Agenda will be distributed on 4 October 2018 (14 days ahead of the AGM)

How to become a member of the TOM NPC:

The TOM NPC is represented by individuals and groups according to the following criteria:

  • WPA Clubs that are affiliated to and in good standing with Western Province Athletics for at least five years and with at least 50 members over the age of 18, automatically become members of the TOM NPC.
  • Blue Number Club members are invited to apply for TOM NPC membership. An invitation to apply will be distributed on 28 August 2018. The application deadline will be 10 September 2018, and these applications must be approved by the current Board.
  • Ordinary members, as per a list maintained by the TOM NPC. Updates and suggestions to be forwarded to the current Board for approval.

AGM Notification (3 September 2018):

Official notice of the AGM will be distributed to the following individuals and groups:

  • Founding Members (Celtic Harriers Club and Western Province Athletics)
  • Honorary Members (Original subscribers to the MOI in 2010 – 5 from Celtics and 5 from WPA – and any person currently or previously appointed as a Director)
  • Ordinary Members
    • WPA Clubs as stipulated above
    • WPA Office
    • Any individual admitted by ordinary resolution at a General Meeting of Members
    • Blue Number Club Members with an approved NPC membership application. These individuals have either:
      • completed 10 or more Ultra Marathons, Half Marathons or Trail Runs,
      • won any of the TOM Ultra, Half or Trail events at least three times,
      • or earned a gold medal in the TOM Ultra at least five times.
  • Honorary Members, except when voting on a matter in capacity as Honorary Members
  • Any individual that has served the company for at least 10 years, and whose application has been accepted by the Board

Proxy votes at the AGM:

A TOM NPC member can cast three votes at the AGM. This must be an official TOM form, signed and registered upon entry to the AGM.

  • A member can cast their own personal vote.
  • A member can cast a vote on behalf of a Club.
  • A member can cast a vote as proxy for another member.

A TOM Auditor will be present to verify registration and proxies on 18 October 2018.

Election of TOM NPC Directors:

The TOM NPC has a number of Directors that comprise:

  • 4 representatives from Celtic Harriers (as elected by the Club)
  • 4 representatives from Western Province Athletics (as elected by WPA)
  • 4 Ordinary members (as elected by the Ordinary members)

These members serve for a two-year cycle, alternating in order for six members to remain constant.

Nominations as an Ordinary Member for the TOM NPC Board:

  • Any person may be nominated to stand as Director. While they don’t need to be a Blue Number Club or Running Club member, they must be nominated by a BNC member or a Club.
  • These members must be prepared to accept the fiduciary duties incumbent in the position and commit to a two-year appointment.
  • Nominations must be submitted via the official TOM NPC form and sent to the TOM NPC by 27 September 2018.

For more information regarding the TOM NPC’s processes in preparation for their Annual General Meeting, or to gain a better understanding of the voting process, please contact info@twooceansmarathon.org.za or call 087 742 0210.