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Substitution Entries Are Open

  • Ultra Marathon
  • Half Marathon
  • Trail Run

Good news for runners who failed to secure an entry into the 2018 Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon, is that substitution entries are open until 5pm on 28 February 2018.

The substitution entry process provides runners who can no longer participate, the opportunity to “hand over” their entry to another runner.

This is an especially valuable tool for those runners who missed out on entering or whose names weren't drawn in the Half Marathon ballot, but still hope to make it to the Ultra Marathon, Half Marathon or Trail Run start line.

Substitution entries provide an important logistical function that contributes to athletes’ safety on race day:  Runners withdraw for a number of reasons, but it’s not just a small matter of handing your race number over to a friend.  Each runner’s personal profile - which includes important medical and emergency information - is linked to his/her race number, and the substitution process facilitates the linking of a newly-issued number to the new participant.

Not following the proper substitution procedure could have life-threatening consequences, as emergency personnel rely on the accuracy of the information linked to an athlete’s race number.

As race organisers, we are responsible for the safety of over 28 000 runners, and urge all athletes to not only follow the proper procedures, but to also take responsibility for the accuracy of their personal, emergency and medical information.

The Entered Runner (withdrawing & to be substituted)

  1. Log into your OMTOM profile.
  2. Click the "Applications & Entries" tab on the left of your profile dashboard, where you will be taken to your current entry summary.
  3. Click the "substitute" button. The voucher number will be displayed as soon as you do this. You will also receive an email with the voucher number and Substitution process details.
  4. Send this voucher number to your substitute runner.

The New Runner (taking over the entry)

  1. Log into your OMTOM profile. If you don't have one, create a profile.
  2. Click the "Applications & Entries" tab on the left of your profile dashboard.
  3. Click on "New Application", and insert the voucher number in the "Entry Voucher" section on your dashboard (at the top).
  4. Click on the distance that you are creating a Substitution entry for, and complete your entry. 
  5. The system will prompt you to enter your outstanding (if any) personal and race related information. Please follow these promts to the payment stage, where you will be charged the Entry, as well as the Substitution admin fee. You will also be required to buy a RaceTec timing chip (if you don't have one) and a temporary license for the Half Marathon if you don't belong to a Club. 
  6. You will be required to create a linked Webtickets account within your OMTOM entry profile (the second last option during your entry), following which you need to click the PAY button to be directed to the OMTOM Payment Portal on Webtickets.

It is the runner's responsibility to find a replacement / withdrawing runner. Please join the official Substitutions Group on Facebook to find a suitable candidate.

  • One can only substitute a runner in the same race (e.g. a South African Half Marathon entrant can only be substituted by a South African resident wanting to run the Half Marathon). 
  • Once the substitution is done (meaning that somebody has officially taken over your entry), you cannot enter the same distance again.

Swapping of entries from ULTRA to HALF and HALF to ULTRA will not be entertained. An athlete wishing to change distances has two options:

  1. Forfeit the original entry and fees incurred and withdraw from that race, then enter the other distance through the official substitution process.
  2. Substitute their original entry to another runner BEFORE entering the other distance through the substitution process.


    The substitution entry window will be open between 9 January & 28 February 2018 (5pm).  For more information, email info@twooceansmarathon.org.za or visit our substitutions information page


    • Fake entry sales: The OMTOM Half Marathon is oversubscribed. The demand is much higher than the supply. And unfortunately that means that there are unscrupulous individuals who will abuse this by scalping entries – much like concert tickets. We keep an eye on 3rd party reseller sites and request that the ads are removed, but our team also needs to focus on organising the event, logistics and customer care, and cannot spend 100% of their time blocking fake entries. Please do not offer additional money out of desperation for an entry. Do not pay anyone in return for a substitution voucher. Only YOU can help to break the cycle of fake entry sales.
    • Charging extra for an entry and/or direct monetary transactions between two parties are prohibited: To eliminate these fraudulant activities, we have moved all substitution-related transactions online. All payments and refunds will be facilitated online via Webstickets, and NO money may change hands directly between parties. 
    • Swapping entries outside of the Substitution process is prohibited: If you and another runner want to do a distance "swap" (swapping an Ultra entry for a Half entry, or vice versa) please email the OMTOM entries team (info@twooceansmarathon.org.za) from 16 January 2018 and clearly state "Substitution SWAP" in the subject line with the details of both parties. The team will advise you further.
    • You may not give your race number to someone else to participate in. Not only does this pose a massive safety risk; it is against our event rules. Running with someone else's number will result in severe disciplinary action (including disqualification and a race ban).