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TOMI Beneficiary Application Process

  • Ultra Marathon
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TOMI is an entity of the Two Oceans Marathon NPC (TOM NPC) and mandated by the TOM NPC Board to identity suitable charity organisations/ initiatives to be supported by TOM NPC through the distribution of funds generated by the Two Oceans Marathon (runners' donations upon entering) and its associated programmes (e.g. proceeds from club gazebo bookings) in accordance with the agreed process and criteria as set out below.

TOMI Objectives:

  • To enhance the positive image of the TOM NPC brand by “giving back” and supporting the TOM community;
  • To support charities/initiatives and programmes that address various critical social issues;

TOMI’s Commitment and Obligations

  • TOMI will provide runners with charity beneficiary and donation value options, selected from a dropdown box, as part of their entry process.
  • TOMI will select and nominate charities / beneficiaries of the Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon for up to a 3 year period according to the set and pre-determined criteria;
  • TOMI will receive monies collected through various TOM NPC revenue streams and donated by members of the public, corporate entities, and participants of the various OMTOM events;
  • TOMI will disburse these funds to the nominated charities as agreed by the Board;
  • TOMI will distribute all these monies donated, fairly and timeously to the nominated charity(ies), by latest 30 June of each year;
  • TOMI will compile a detailed report on the disbursements of funds and present to the TOM NPC Board on an annual basis;
  • TOMI will do the above fairly, ethically and within the vision and spirit of the TOM NPC’s mandate;
  • TOMI will provide beneficiaries with guidelines and documentation regarding magazine profiling, expo stand options and other marketing opportunities;
  • TOMI will publically announce the list of beneficiaries in an official press release.

 TOMI’s Selection Criteria

  1. The applicant should be a registered NPO/Charitable Organisation:
    • The organisation must enjoy national/ international status;
    • The organisation must be acceptable to all participants (please refer to point 4);
    • The organisation must be representative of the South African community particularly those members who are marginalized;
  2. Funds donated must be utilized on projects/programmes that address one or more of the following social development issues:
    • Youth Athletics Development
    • Health and Safety
    • Skills Training, Educational and Development;
    • Environment/Conservation
  3. Proceeds should be spent on an existing project/programme that:
    • is nationally representative i.e. not confined to the Western Cape only, but should have a presence in the Western Cape;
    • has been in existence for at least 1 year prior to funding application;
    • is sustainable and measurable.
  4. TOMI will not support
    • Individuals, sports groups and teams;
    • programmes / initiatives/ organisations that that are:
      • Aligned to any religious and / or political group or campaign;
      • Are not registered entities on the CIPRO database;
      • Do not comply with the legal requirements of such entity

NOTE: Charities selected as official beneficiaries will not be able to apply for Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon charity entries as an additional fundraising platform.


Beneficiaries supported by TOMI will be required to:

  • Download the application form and complete it.
  • Submit their application in writing (via email to TOMI@twooceansmarathon.org.za) to the TOM NPC Board by no later than close of business on 12 October 2018, for funding of programmes/initiatives to take place in that year;
  • Provide details of the programme/initiative requiring funding, including a detailed budget and items for which the funds will be used;
  • Actively promote their TOMI fundraising campaign, while strictly adhering to the Two Oceans Marathon branding requirements
  • Provide a report on how the funds were used, including images of programmes being implemented/completed by no later than 1 June in the year after which the funds were received;
  • Acknowledge TOM NPC/TOMI in any communication regarding the programme/initiative;
  • Provide TOMI unhindered access to any records should the programme/initiative be required for an audit and/or financial scrutiny.

Applicants will be informed of their status by 7 November 2018.