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Refreshment Stations for 56km

  • Ultra Marathon
  • Medical

Twenty two well-stocked refreshment stations along the route will ensure that every runner’s needs are adequately catered for.

  • A special station will be located at the start providing water/Coke/Powerade and Vaseline and the first station is at the 3km mark, where only Water and Coke will be available. The subsequent refreshment stations are approximately 3km apart.
  • Drinking water is manufactured under strict hygienic conditions at K3 Water. Each batch of water is tested and is then transported to a Cold Store Facility where the water is sent through a Blast Chiller Room, allowing the water to reach 0°C and then stored in a Holding Cold Room to maintain the temperature at 0°C. Over and above the lab test, the water gets taste tested every week.
    • No municipal water will be used. Water for race day has been sourced from the Newlands Spring with an allocated and approved dispensation from relevant stakeholders, including the Department of Water and Sanitation. Please read more here
  • Drinking water and Powerade will be provided throughout the race in 100ml plastic sachets (Booster Bags), while Coca-Cola will be served in 200ml Coke cups. In addition, potatoes, bananas, Ola Paddle Pops and other “morale boosters” will be available at some stations.
  • Where possible, the stations will be manned from both sides of the road but the stations are well spread out to ensure that everyone is catered for.

Fill-Up Refreshment Stations

  • Water tanks will be available at the Start if you need to fill up your bottle or hydration pack.
  • There will be fill-up stations available at the start of the following refreshment stations. Feather banners with #ICarryMyOwn will indicate runners that they are coming up to a fill-up station.
    • Main Road at Rhodes Cottage Museum, St James (17.0km)
    • Noordhoek Road (26.0km)
    • Rhodes Drive (46.3km)
  • Both refreshment stations on Chapman’s Peak will have taps available for runners to fill up. They are at 33km and 37km.

Chapman’s Peak

There will be no sachets on Chapman’s Peak. Runners will be offered water in Coke Cups at Refreshment Station 11 and 12. 


      Refreshment Stations

      Point Location Distance (km) Available
      Start Dean Street, Newlands 0.0 Water/Coke/Powerade
      1 Main Road outside Noyes Chemist, Kenilworth 3.0 Water/Coke
      2 Main Road outside Martins Bakery Diep River 6.7 Water/Coke
      3 Main Road at Ladies Mile Road, Retreat 9.3 Water/Coke
      4 Main Road at Keysers Road Mosque, Retreat 11.0 Water/Coke
      5 Main Road at Suffolk Road, Lakeside 13.3 Water/Coke/Powerade
      6 Main Road at Rhodes Cottage Museum, St James 17.0 Water/Coke/Powerade
      7 Main Road opp Fish Hoek Police Station 20.1 Water/Coke/Powerade
      8 134 Kommetjie Road, Fish Hoek 23.0 Water/Coke/Powerade
      9 Noordhoek Rd 26.0 Water/Coke/Powerade
      9A Noordhoek Rd 26.2 Potatoes
      10 Noordhoek Village Farm Stall 28.8 Water/Coke/Powerade
      10A Chapmans Peak under half tunnel 32.0 Bananas
      11 Chapmans Peak 33.5 Water/Coke (No Sachets)
      12 Chapmans Peak Watervalletjie 35.6 Water/Coke (No Sachets)
      13 Hout Bay Main Road 38.5 Water/Coke/Powerade
      14 Hout Bay Main Road / Kronendal 40.2 Water/Coke/Powerade
      15 Hout Bay Main Road/ Greenacres Close 42.4 Water/Coke/Powerade
      16 Hout Bay Main Rd/ Disa River Rd 43.5 Water/Coke/Powerade
      17 Hout Bay Main Rd / Longkloof Rd 44.5 Water/Coke/Powerade
      17A Hout Bay Main Rd / Silvermist Lodge 45.5 Ola Paddle Pops
      18 Rhodes Drive 46.3 Water/Coke/Powerade
      19 Rhodes Drive / Hohenort Ave 49.0 Water/Coke/Powerade
      20 Kirstenbosch Main Gardens 51.2 Water/Coke/Powerade
      21 Newlands Forest Fire Station 53.8 Water/Coke/Powerade
      22 M3 before Princess Anne Drive 54.8 Water
      Finish UCT 56.0 Coke/ Water on request