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Refreshment Stations for 21km

  • Half Marathon
  • Medical

Eight well-stocked refreshment stations are positioned along the route.

  • Drinking water is provided throughout the race in 100ml plastic sachets, with Coca-Cola in 175ml Coke cups and Powerade in 100ml Sachets.
    • No municipal water will be used. Water for race day has been sourced from the Newlands Spring with an allocated and approved dispensation from relevant stakeholders, including the Department of Water and Sanitation. Please read more here
  • Runners should drink approximately 100ml of fluid (one sachet) when thirsty. It may thus not be necessary to drink at every station, as the dangers of over hydration can be as severe as that of dehydration. Runners should modify their fluid intake to suit weather conditions on the day and should not experiment with new drinks on race day.
  • Toilet facilities will be provided at every refreshment station and, where possible, will be located just past the station. Please use the toilets provided, and DO NOT relieve yourself in private gardens or public areas. Runners not respecting this rule will face disciplinary action.
Station Location Distance (km) Available  
Start Main Rd Newlands 0 Water/Coke/Powerade  
1 (1A) On the M3 past Travota Road off ramp 3.8 Water/Coke/Powerade  
2 (1B) On the M3 past Constantia Road off ramp 6.1 Water/Coke/Powerade  
3 (1C) On Ladies Mile Extension Constantia 9.3 Water/Coke/Powerade  
4 (1D) Southern Cross Drive 11.4 Water/Coke/Powerade  
5 On Rhodes Drive at Hohenort Ave 14.2 Water/Coke/Powerade  
6 Kirstenbosch Main Gate 16.1 Water/Coke/Powerade  
7 M3 at Newlands Fire Station Entrance 18.7 Water/Coke/Powerade  
8 M3 before Princess Anne Ave 19.7 Water  
Finish UCT 21.1 Coke or Powerade / Water on request.