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Home >> Blog >> Guest Blogger >> (Still) Single, Relatively Fit And Eyeing The Fun Run Finish Line

(Still) Single, Relatively Fit And Eyeing The Fun Run Finish Line

  • Fun Runs
  • Training

I can hardly believe it, but the Fun Run is THIS Friday!

That means it’s been exactly a month since I started this crazy journey of hitting the pause button on my disastrous dating life and committing myself to training for my first big run of the year…I’ll take a moment here to imagine all of you applauding me for my valiant efforts (or you can just like this post, that works too)

This last week of my training hasn’t been without its mortifying incidents, though – like flirting with the uber hot, very tall and blonde fellow runner at my local Spar and wondering why he is looking everywhere but at me whilst blushing profusely.

Only to realise that my “girls” had sprung free from my running bra and were giving said runner quite an eyeful… Oh gods, can the ground just swallow me whole, right now?!!

My usual go-to move following an epic embarrassing life moment like this would have been to hit my couch with a box of Lindt chocolates and screaming into a pillow but I was determined to stick to my new fitness goals and decided to run it off instead. 

There I was, going for the last 3km stretch with Jason Derulo encouraging me to Wiggle it some more when I realised that Suri, my ever helpful S Health app and running tracker, was suspiciously quiet and had been for a while 

I took a running break to check the screen and… Bloody Suri had stopped tracking me seven minutes into my run, over 30 minutes ago! All that hard work for naught!

On the bright side? At least I am ready to take on the 5.6 Fun Run. I may still be single but I am relatively fit and I have my eye on the prize – the finish line!

See you all on the road and good luck.