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Running single with Garmin SA

  • Half Marathon
  • Fun Runs
  • Training

“Fazielah, you are a closeted runner.”

That was the initial reaction from my friends and family when they heard the news that Garmin SA was giving me a top-of-the-range Forerunner 35 running wrist watch to use for my running training.

The realization  made stop me in my tracks and take stock of it all. They were right – I’d gone from a single couch potato to a (still single but semi-fit) 5.6km Fun Run participant in the past eight months and I was steadily working my way to conquering multiple 10km races. Closeted no more, I was a runner!

Since the arrival of my gorgeous aquamarine blue Forerunner 35 watch, I have been getting out onto the road more often and posing for photos with it on my evening runs in Cape Town:

What I like about the Forerunner 35:

-    It’s really pretty: ok, I know what you’re thinking – how pretty can a watch be? Seriously, though, the watch is equipped with a flexible, soft but durable strap (which comes in different colours) and a large interface with four interactive buttons, making it super wearable and easy to use. It also goes with almost any outfit so even when I am not in my running gear, I am rocking it socially and at work.

-    It’s an electronic motivator: seeing “Goals!” surrounded by mini-digital fireworks when I reach my running, cardio or walking goals puts a bounce in my step and makes me work harder to meet them.

-    It’s a diligent tracker: the device tracks all of my movements so when I have been stagnant for too long, it will buzz me with a gentle vibration and “Move!” word flash on the interface to get me moving.

-    It’s digital savvy: since my Forerunner35 is connected to my mobile phone via Bluetooth and my data can be uploaded to the downloadable Garmin Connect app and onto my desktop, I can easily access my fitness info for the day or week, helping me keep track of my progress. This is what my first run with my Forerunner 35 looked like:

-    It connects you to your friends: via a leader board on the Garmin Connect app that allows you to keep track of your fellow Garmin device using friends. This past week, my friend Tasneem and I have been regularly checking up on each other’s activity scores and been in a friendly competition about who will have the most steps and calories lost. It’s like running with friends virtually!

I am having so much fun running as a singleton with my Garmin SA Forerunner 35 and I will share my experiences with you right here in the coming months so keep reading!