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Home >> Blog >> Guest Blogger >> Running with music: my top 10 tracks

Running with music: my top 10 tracks

  • Training

As Shakespeare once said: “If music be the food of love, play on …”

Well, my new love is running (because the gods know there hasn’t been a man in a LONG while) so I am turning up the heat and hitting the streets with some epic tracks to get me into the mood.

Turn up the sound with these top 10 tracks:

Track 1: The Warm Up

It’s winter and cold as all hell but I have to train for my 10km so what better than listening to Eye of Tiger by Survivor? A vibey tune filled with some energy pumping bass and beats is all I need to get motivated. Yes, I know, it’s a cliché but if it worked for Rocky, it can work for me!

Track 2 to 5: Getting into the groove

These songs are what gets me to the next bench, lamp post, and tree or at the very least, stop me from ogling the hot blonde runner on the other side of the road.

My taste in music is eclectic so right now I am shuffling between old school (Missy Elliot’s 4 My People, DMX’s Party Up and Sean Paul’s Temperature) and relatively new (Jason Derulo’s Wiggle, Britney Spears’s Work B****! And Avicii ‘s Wake Me Up).

Watch out for Wiggle, though – the last time I got down to that song and shook what my mama gave me while doing the Two Oceans Marathon 5.6km, a fellow runner thoroughly enjoyed the view ;)

Track 6 to 8: Pushing through the long haul

Ok, at this point in my run, I am slowly losing the will to live and I need a pick-me-up.

It’s important that these tracks give me the necessary motivation to achieve my fastest strides so I like songs that make feel like a champion on the road.

These include the expletive heavy Hit’ Em Up by Tupac; Survival by Eminem and Sex on Fire by Kings of Leon.

Track 9 to 10: The Cool Down

Woohoo, I’m coming to the end of my run and while I am slowing down, I set the mood with some easy beats like Lorde’s Royals , Awolnation’s Sail or my personal ear worm, Selena Gomez’s Hands To Myself.

Some of you may prefer the meditative tranquillity of silence while you’re running while others, like me, enjoy turning the experience into a dance party. Whatever you do, make the most of it.

Until next month, have fun on the road!