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Home >> Blog >> Guest Blogger >> My Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon Fun Run with Garmin SA

My Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon Fun Run with Garmin SA

  • Fun Runs

“That’s it, I am about to die and I haven’t even completed 15 minutes yet…”

That was my thought as I clocked the first quarter of an hour of my 2017 Two Oceans Marathon 5.6km Fun Run , in between being severely short of breath (and patience) on Friday 14 April, 2017.

Then, thankfully, my ever reliable Garmin Forerunner 35 gave me a sharp vibrating reminder that I was, in fact, alive and well and just super lazy. I’d been stationary too long and it was time to get my voluptuous, single butt back out on the road.

I won’t lie… this was my second year running the 5.6km route and because I have been ill this past week ( and therefore, I did not get any practice runs in), I was unprepared for it.

The lack of kilometres and active minutes on my Garmin device was a sore reminder that I wasn’t living the #RunAsOne lifestyle as well as I should.

As I struggled to make it up the incline on UCT’s Upper Campus, I had visions of failing and having to post on my social media platforms that I was super slow and a running disaster.

I had a new running partner, my lucky Game of Thrones rock, Drogon, that I couldn’t disappoint either. People were counting on me to rock this race!

1 hour 2 minutes was my 2016 Fun Run time , and the one to beat but as I kept lagging behind the other runners and became ever aware of my burning lungs, I didn’t think I was going to make it.

Suddenly, there was the Garmin balloon arch ahead of me with the Finish Line just behind it, glimmering in the distance. As my Forerunner 35 was telling me, I was 48 minutes into the race … guys and girls, I actually had a chance of gaining a new personal best. Yay!

Multiple tears, burning gasps of air and a leg cramp or two later, I clocked my second Old Mutual Two Oceans 5,6km Fun Run at 51 minutes, 32 seconds - more than 10 minutes better that my previous time!

This year’s race was difficult, and one in which I learnt a couple of important lessons ( like how you definitely shouldn’t run when you are ill!) but I am SO proud of myself.

A HUGE thanks to the Two Oceans team and the Garmin South Africa ladies for all of their support.

Until next month,