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Home >> Blog >> Guest Blogger >> My first Old Mutual Two Oceans Fun Run Experience

My first Old Mutual Two Oceans Fun Run Experience

  • Fun Runs

“I really, REALLY ought to have gone to the ladies before the start of the run - Nature’s call is ringing loudly and Suri just declared the 1km mark… gods!”

There I was, literally at the start of my very first Fun Run and already thinking about ways to give up, cut my run short and find a loo. Gnomeo, of course, was having none of it – the little travel and torture monster had been up since the crack of dawn, taking selfies with my Wonder Woman t-shirt and boasting about how he was going to ace this run (never mind the fact that I was the one having to do the actual running!).

As Gnomeo so kindly pointed out (not!), if we had the stamina to dance on bar tops in Las Vegas after a week of heavy partying and little to no sleep, we could do a 5.6km run. So, hoping that I could Jedi mind trick my way out of a loo break, I got back on to the road and ran for all I was worth.

By the time we hit the half-way mark, all was well in the land of Faz and Gnomeo. We barely stopped to swallow a cup of hard-earned Coke and even managed to not giggle uncontrollably when a fellow older gentleman runner said: “You know, you are meant to run – not sway your hips like that on the road!”

By far the best part of the run was heading to the finish line and hearing my name being called at un-naturally high decibels – my momma Soraya was cheering like she was the only spectator there!

She was always waiting with my all-time favourite treat - a good old fashioned Cape Malay samoosa – that mother of mine seriously knows the way to my heart ;).

No, I did not meet any cute, available guys along the road (and come to think of it, it would’ve been awfully suspicious!) but I had an amazing time, getting my heart racing, meeting fellow runners and completing a goal.

I’m hooked on running now and I cannot wait for Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon 2017 – see you there!