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Home >> Blog >> Guest Blogger >> It Takes A Village / An Attitude Of Gratitude

It Takes A Village / An Attitude Of Gratitude

An African proverb says “it takes a village to raise a child” and in essence it speaks about the value of community. One very seldom achieves anything totally on one’s own and my quest for Old Mutual Two Oceans Half Marathon 2016 is a good example. 

I alone decided to tackle this crazy goal, I alone had to commit to a gruelling amount of training and I alone can run on the day, cross that finish line and receive that medal BUT every step of my journey and ultimate success has been run on a foundation of love, advice, guidance, care, help, time, sacrifice, commitment, support, prayer and encouragement from countless amazing coaches, family, friends, teamsters and even strangers.

My heartfelt thanks goes out to every single precious person who has touched my life on this journey, but I would be amiss not to give a special shout out to: 

Wayne, my precious Hubby; you supported me right from the moment I decided on this mad idea and have been at every finish line of every race. You stood there in your neon t-shirts, a beacon of love and encouragement for me to strive towards. Sorry for the countless rushed dinners, heaped up piles of laundry and overlooked chores, all because I was simply too exhausted to do anything more than just breath. You understood that I needed to achieve this for myself and were prepared to share in the sacrifice that it entailed and still love me through it all. Babes, my love and gratitude are beyond measure.

Theresa Green, my Owl, always keeping a watching eye on this over-enthusiastic newbie with wisdom, advice & witty humour. Your OMTOM medal, on loan until I got my own one, kept me focussed from start to end, but especially on days when it was all too much and I wanted to quit.  That medal was a reminder of my date with destiny. Heartfelt thanks T.

Nicola Hooper, lover of life & runner extraordinaire, your abundant kindness, incredible sense of energy and adventure, infinite running insight and your unconditional support of me and my goal added so much beauty and sunshine to my journey. In my heart always Nix. 

Kathy McQuaide & Stephanie Schultzen, my heart will always overflow with gratitude for this incredible opportunity, adventure and blessing. You both know how much this means to me and how deeply appreciative I am. Love you both heaps.

Edgemead Runners, for laying the foundation of my training and for babysitting me when I was always the last one on the road. You ladies truly rock.

OptiFit, the best teamsters and the craziest whatsapp group, you encouraged me on the road, blessed me with friendship and you also celebrated my health.  For that I will be forever grateful.

Mom, for always reminding me to “stay positive and move forward, you can do this”. Your tenacity always inspires me “onward and upward”. Love you stacks.

Lyd, Lorr, Stacey & CC, for always having my back, especially when the goal seemed too big, and for loving me even though I have neglected our friendships because training and exhaustion became my new normal. You girlz have stuck with me through this and it means more than you could ever know.

Each incredible person who has shown interest, believed in me and rooted for me. There were days when I was so overwhelmed and had serious doubts about my sanity but your love and endless positive energy kept me going. You are my village and I am honoured, blessed and grateful beyond measure.

Breast cancer took a chunk of my body and my life - but it can never take love, hope, faith, strength and courage . . . OMTOM2016 has proved that for me and I will forever be grateful for this epic chapter in my life. 

Find your village, set your goal and live your life!