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Home >> Blog >> Guest Blogger >> Getting Your Run On In Winter: How To Stay Motivated

Getting Your Run On In Winter: How To Stay Motivated

  • Training

Dear Beginner Runner, 

I know you’re tired and that you feel like just completing a series of short runs this past summer took all you had, but your journey isn’t over yet! 

“Easy for you to say, Fazielah – we’ve seen you boast all over social media about rocking your races. Not all of us have the stamina so quit the motivational talks and leave us be”, I hear you say, but rest assured, I know exactly how you feel.

Most days, I feel like unless Channing Tatum is waiting at the finish line, doing his best Magic Mike Ride the Pony dance, I will not leave the comfort of my bed. It’s just SO hard to move! 

Here are a few ways to for all of us to stay motivated after summer:

  • Be flexible with your training schedule: Is the weather miserable on the day you chose to run? Well, then it’s time to change things up. Capetonians are lucky in that there are those few gorgeous days that are a dream to train on.

Gnomeo and I recently did a 5 km run from Vredehoek, all the way through the Company’s Garden and up Long Street on a beautiful cool day and loved it. Sure, we got attacked by some gangster squirrels while taking a five minute break on the lawn (yeah, what can I say, my animal magnetism is on point!) but still, SO worth it!

  • Socialize at smaller running events: Keep an eye out for racing events happening in your neighbourhood/town and rally a few mates to do them with you.

They don’t need to be lengthy ones but they will keep you moving and give you some much needed girl time without being tempted to down one or five Cosmos while catching up (trust me, you’re safer for it  –alcohol and training do not go well together! I tried it two months ago and I am still recovering!)

  • Be kind, unwind: Look, I know that some days you just cannot, not for love nor money, get your beautiful body out of bed and that’s ok. Everyone needs a pajamas, hot series and duvet day so take yours – in moderation.

 Use this day to chill and plan your next training session or tell someone you love about your running journey. You’ll be surprised at how just talking about it makes you want to run again.

See you on the road soon!