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Home >> Blog >> Guest Blogger >> Getting jiggly with it: a guide to buying your first sports bra

Getting jiggly with it: a guide to buying your first sports bra

  • Half Marathon
  • Training

“Gods, her hands are cold! And really, is it necessary to get all up in my personal space like this?! Man, bra shopping was SO much easier when I was 10-years-old!”

So, there I was on a cool Saturday morning, getting my measurements taken for a sports bra. Bearing in mind that this was the second time in a week I’d had to disrobe for a virtual stranger (the previous one being a dermatologist in his early 60s), you can guess I wasn’t in the best or most trusting of moods.

The changing room assistant at Woolworths paid little attention to my discomfort and proceeded to lift my arms, wrap the tape under and over my breasts and noted my measurements before vanishing to find a suitable bra for me. Such personal service!

If, like me, the last time you had to endure the mortifying bra buying experience was as a pre-teen with your mom who kept boasting about her kid developing early (wait, was it only my mother who did this?!), here is a guide to buying your first sports bra:

  • Get measured:  Size matters, ladies, so, if you’re all thumbs with a tape measure at home, visit your nearest clothing store and let a lovely assistant feel you up – I mean take your measurements. Sports bras come in various sizes and options so do not freak out if you are small cup size but you need a bigger size sports bra.
  • Know your type: Give a woman the right bra and she can conquer the world – or the next 10km run as the case may be. You are going to be spending hours and hours in this apparel so it is vitally important that you know what you like best. Whether it’s wide straps that can be adjusted or a pull over tank top for ease of use etc, have an idea of what your running and physical comfort needs are before purchasing the bra.
  • Dance in your underwear: No, really. Dancing and waving your hands in the air is the closest simulation you’ll get to running and you need to know if your breasts are staying put, dropping too low, bouncing too high etc. The last thing you need is for the “girls” to pop out when you’re eyeing that cute runner on the road (yes, this has happened to me!).

You have my guide to buying your first sports bra so strap your girls in and claim your place on the road!

Until next month,